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When purchasing new equipment from Rudolph Brothers, you are buying more than just new tires. Our new equipment has been pre-delivered and has had initial field adjustments made.

Tractors have had fluid levels, drain plugs, air filter elements, air intake connections, and fan belts checked. The lights, gauges, switches and controls have been checked for correct operation. On high horsepower tractors, axle weights have been taken so that you can correctly set tire pressure after delivery. Horsepower has also been checked on the dynometer. Engine break-in can be provided at your request.

Combines have had all belts, chains, conveyors, filters and fluids checked. All chain/conveyor master links have been inspected. The concave has been checked for both level and square. The combine has been run for 3-8 hours and the header height control has been checked with a header. The lights, gauges, switches and controls have been checked for correct operation. Initial settings are made when we know what crop you will be harvesting first.

Planting equipment, both drills and planters, have been correctly assembled and field tested. If conditions allow, the equipment has been pulled in the dirt to check no-till coulter to double disk opener alignment. The unit has had the monitor powered up, programmed and seeds run thru the system to check seed delivery and monitor operation.

Sprayers have the tread setting to match your operation. Boom lead and level have been set. The rate controller has been programmed and water has been put in the sprayer to check for leaks and to check the operation of the rate controller. The foam marker has also been operated.

Implements have been correctly assembled. Hydraulic systems are checked for both leaks and correct function. Bolts have been checked for tightness. Lug bolt torque and tire pressures have been set according to the manufacturer. Tillage equipment has had the wings leveled and the fore/aft adjustment approximately set (dependent on final hitch height). Grain augers have been raised and lowered and run to check for excessive noise.

Our sales price may not be the lowest. Our trade difference may not be the lowest, but Rudolph Brothers will be competitive in pricing and higher in reliability so that we may earn and retain your business. You may be able to save a few dollars by purchasing equipment from other dealers, but the value that you receive from our equipment preparation will be far greater.