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Our used equipment is a true step ahead of the competition. Our used equipment can be purchased at three different levels of quality: as-is, field ready, or exceptional quality. Rudolph Brothers' goal is that when your purchase arrives at your farm, it meets or exceeds your expectations.

The first level, as-is, means just that. The equipment is delivered in the same condition as it was on the day of purchase. It may have been serviced, polished, adjusted or repaired prior to purchase; but anything you see that is not in good working order will still be that way when delivered. Repairs can be made at additional cost. As-is prices are similar to other dealers selling prices.

The second level is field ready. This equipment undergoes a complete inspection and repair process. The level by which all decisions of quality are made is "Would we run it on our farm?" When the answer is "yes", Rudolph Brothers considers the equipment to be field ready. This is different from our competition where what you see is what you get. Sometimes, the equipment on our lot is not yet in field ready condition, but you have our word in writing that the equipment will be delivered in field ready condition.

In the case of tractors, field ready means engines horsepower is checked, hydraulics are flow tested and all mechanical aspects are checked for correct function. Clutches and brakes are adjusted; lights and gauges are put in working order. Leaks are stopped to the best of our ability, and A/C systems are working on delivery. All filters and fluids are changed and tread settings can be set to your specifications. Tractors will be cleaned and may be polished at your request.

Field ready combines are treated in the same manner but with more attention to moving parts and wear items. All belts get inspected for cracks, bearings for looseness, wear items for serviceability and basic servicing (fluids, filters, greasing). We strive to provide you with a combine that will go through one to two seasons without breakdowns. This level of reliability is rarely matched by other dealers.

The highest level of used equipment is exceptional quality. All types of equipment can obtain this level, but it is easiest to describe through tillage equipment or corn planters. For tillage equipment, all bearings would be replaced, worn blades would be replaced, wheel bearings would be repacked and set, and frayed hydraulic hoses replaced. The equipment can be painted or buffed and waxed at your request. Corn planters are stripped to the main bar. Parallel arm bushings, seed tubes, meter brushes, double disc openers, gauge wheel bearings, and press wheel bearings are all replaced. No-till coulter bearings are replaced and alignment to the opener is corrected. Leaking cylinders are repacked, frayed hydraulic lines are replaced, and correct monitor operation is checked. Our exceptional quality equipment is not intended to be sold as new, but as an alternative to new.

Come experience the Rudolph Brothers advantage. Purchase your next used piece of equipment in "field ready condition" so when you go to the field you will stay in the field.