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Rudolph Brothers Implement Financing Options

Rudolph Brothers Implement offers very aggressive/competitive financing options for both new and used equipment purchases. We utilize three main sources depending on each situation and need. Ag Direct, DLL, and GPAC are all available to be used in various ways including contract, lease, refinancing, and even in situations of private party or auction sales where Rudolph Brothers did not sell you the equipment.

Clicking on any of the four logos below will take you to the company's website. Individual information about the company as well as their rates may be found on these sites. DLL, Sheffield, and GPAC all have downloadable credit applications which you may fill out and fax to (812) 897-4109 or email to Rudolph Brothers at Ag Direct is only available electronically to the dealer network to submit applications over so a call to Rudolph Brothers will be necessary to apply for their credit.

DLL (formerly Agricredit) is McCormick's choice for company financing. They will handle all contracts which involve any special financing offers from McCormick. They will also be happy to finance most brands of equipment at their standard financing rates also. They will accept more marginal credit scores than Ag Direct but at a slightly higher rate.

GPAC is Great Plains Acceptance Corp. They handle all company low rate and special offer financing from Great Plains Mfg. They will run financing as leases or contract sales.

Ag Direct is the most aggressive financing that we offer. Typically they require high credit scores but will reward those people/entities with rates that are extremely hard to match or beat. This option sometimes creates even more opportunity for buyers by allowing them to take advantage of manufacturers' cash discounts and still meet or even beat manufacturers' low rate programs. Ag Direct works in conjunction with Farm Credit Services so there is a good chance they are already familiar with you.

Sheffield has been in the consumer financing business since 1992 and is utilized for our Land Pride and Country Clipper factory low rate programs.

Ag Direct
Ag Direct
Scheffield Financial
Great Plains Acceptance Corporation
DLL Finance
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