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Rudolph Brothers Implement Delivery and Export


Glenn is responsible for delivering and picking up equipment from your farm. He will take the time to explain the operation and maintenance of your equipment with you. Glenn can also help you reassemble equipment that must be disassembled for hauling when prearranged. After Glenn delivers equipment to your farm, you will make another purchase just to see him again!

Glenn operates a Kenworth with a Paflinger crane and is usually pulling a lowboy with a removable gooseneck. This combination allows him to load and unload almost any piece of ag equipment. The crane is capable of lifting 8 row corn heads and 35 foot tables as well as handling combine or tractor duals.

You will also see him on the road moving new equipment from the factories and ports. Moving our own new equipment protects it from being hauled in poor winter weather, being damaged by 3rd party haulers and reduces the freight costs. If you live along his travel routes to the factories or ports, a “back haul” can sometimes be arranged with Nathan so that your freight costs are further reduced.

Glenn hopes you enjoy a few of the pictures below.



Rudolph Brothers has experience in arranging container delivery to either the port of your choice or all the way to your farm. We can disassemble, label, and secure your equipment so that it arrives to you in the same condition that it was prior to being loaded.

Rudolph Brothers is willing to pickup additional agricultural equipment that you have purchased in the states and add it to the container(s). Payment options that give you comfort and security are available.

Here are a few pictures of containers that we have loaded.

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